While I was a resident at Dairy House, Root Connections was starting and I have really enjoyed being involved in the project since it's early days. 

In many ways it has helped me massively with my confidence and self worth, I feel I have a safe place to go where I can have an input in an idea and it's put into practice, and also learn a lot from the many different volunteers as everybody has different levels of gardening and vegetable growing.

I find it gives me something to look forward to on a Friday as a volunteer and while I was resident it helped my physical and mental health a great deal. 

It really good to see the group working and learning together and being able to teach each other things, everybody has an input about how to push the project and help it grow. 

My previous life was massively different, this project has been really positive for me and been a key part in helping me turn things around and gain new skills and knowledge in something positive and constructive, such a reward when eating the vegetables we have all worked hard to grow.