"Root Connections graced our website with their naturally grown, local fruit and vegetable boxes which were very well received by our customers. We look forward to supporting Root Connections in the future and giving more local residents access to their excellent produce."

Philip Sharratt
Chief Executive
Somerset Local Food Limited

"I received a massive box of freshly handpicked vegetables which were all so lovely. It encouraged me to get creative with cooking and try new dishes. They were all amazingly tasty. I would definitely buy again."

Blue Marble


Homegrown, organic and hand-picked veg boxes which are simply fantastic. Some weeks I picked what I wanted from the selection available, other weeks I just asked for a surprise. It was really refreshing to go home and cook based on the ingredients I had rather than the recipes I wanted to replicate. Courgettes went into curry, aubergine into moussaka and onions into spag bol."

Blue Marble

I love volunteering at Root Connections, it's life affirming. Being outdoors with nature, seeing plants blossom and grow is very therapeutic. In this busy world we live in these days, it is really important to stop and just "be" and Roots enables me to do that. It is also great working alongside others who share those same values and beliefs, I can chat or just be quiet, there's no pressure to do or be anything other than oneself.

Carol x

I am very grateful to have found Root Connections and to now be fortunate enough to be one of the volunteers there.

What I have experienced is a place that is all together very very special and hard to put into words.

I believe that both residents and volunteers alike experience a feeling of calm and place by working there together. Producing food and flowers from scratch, by a combined effort. There is a general feeling of well-being, belonging to something that feels very worthwhile and in turn, pride. It takes people back to basic roots and needs that have been sadly lost in our ‘modern’ society.

I have seen first hand the difference this has made to many lives already and am in awe of what is being achieved there.

Long may it continue to grow.

Linda xx